Live video series

Back in March we played two concerts supporting the release of Beneath The Open Sky; one at the Station Inn in Nashville TN, and the other at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC. We recorded both nights of music in full and in the coming weeks will be releasing songs from both of these great iconic venues.

Part III : On & On (L'dor Vador) (Live at the Station Inn) 

Part II : Eretz's Reel (Live at the Station Inn)

Part I : Wayfaring Stranger/Esa Einai (Live at the Station Inn)

The Narrow Bridge (Music Video)

From Beneath The Open Sky here is our official video for the Narrow Bridge featuring Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas and David Grier. Featured in Rolling Stone Country's top ten songs of the week.



Live Hudson Valley NY

Prom·ised Land


· a place or situation in which someone expects to find great happiness.

From our new album "Beneath The Open Sky" here is "Bound For The Promised Land", recorded live in Hudson Valley NY. For us this song is about aspirations and dreams. A hope for us all to find happiness and peace regardless of heritage, race, or religious background.