Nefesh Mountain (CD)

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1 Nefesh Mountain Digital Cover.jpg

Nefesh Mountain (CD)

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Debut self titled release from Nefesh Moutain featuring Sam Bush, Mark Schatz, Scott Vestal, Rob Ickes, and Gary Oleyer

"What seems initially to be a curious novelty combining bluegrass and traditional Jewish music, turns out to be an idea that makes absolute sense…The union is a perfect fit… It took matchmakers Nefesh Mountain to get these two together, and we’re thankful they did."

-No Depression



  1. Esa Einai
  2. Brothers & Sisters (Hine Ma Tov)
  3. River Song
  4. Modeh Ani
  5. Chasing The Sunset
  6. Xander The Highlander
  7. Singin' Jewish Girl
  8. Heiveinu Shalom Aleichem
  9. Suszno
  10. Mi Chamocha
  11. Millie's Waltz
  12. Run Mountain
  13. Adonai Love Me



Doni Zasloff - Vocals

Eric Lindberg - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Dobro

Sam Bush -  Mandolin, Vocals

Rob Ickes - Dobro

Scott Vestal - Banjo

Mark Schatz - Bass, Clogging, Hambone