Our extended Family

Deering Banjos

We are so very proud to work with Greg, Janet, Jamie, and all the folks at Deering Banjos. Their work and beautiful craftsmanship truly helps and inspires us to write the music that we do. Click here to learn more about Deering Banjos.

Vail Deering II.JPG
Nefesh Mountain Bluegrass Shabbat Vail CO 0264.JPG

Eric plays a Deering Saratoga Star Banjo with a Jens Kruger tone ring

Bourgeois Guitars

The team at Bourgeois has been building the most soulful and beautiful guitars for decades and we are thrilled to be a part of their family. Dana Bourgeois has revolutionized the building industry with his techniques with torrefied wood which gives his guitars such a deep sound and soul. Click here for more about Bourgeois guitars


Eric plays a Large Sound Hole custom OM guitar called “Big Mountain”

Ear Trumpet Labs

Right in downtown Portland is a studio filled with some of our favorite people and microphones! Philip and Malachi Graham are doing some seriously great work and their microphones are a revelation for us. Click here for more information on Ear Trumpet Mics.

more of the family…

- Reunion Blues Cases

- DPA Microphones

- Keith Banjo Tuners

- Propik Banjo Picks

- Peterson Tuners

- Blue Chip Picks

- Elliott Capos

- Franklin Straps

- L.R. Baggs Electronics

- D’Addario Strings