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Doni Zasloff - Vocals

Eric Lindberg - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Dobro

Sam Bush -  Mandolin, Vocals

Rob Ickes - Dobro

Scott Vestal - Banjo

Mark Schatz - Bass, Clogging, Hambone


  1. Esa Einai
  2. Brothers & Sisters (Hine Ma Tov)
  3. River Song
  4. Modeh Ani
  5. Chasing The Sunset
  6. Xander The Highlander
  7. Singin' Jewish Girl
  8. Heiveinu Shalom Aleichem
  9. Suszno
  10. Mi Chamocha
  11. Millie's Waltz
  12. Run Mountain
  13. Adonai Love Me

Jewish Spirit and Appalachian traditions beautifully meet on common ground

What seems initially to be a curious novelty combining bluegrass and traditional Jewish music, turns out to be an idea that makes absolute sense…The union is a perfect fit… It took matchmakers Nefesh Mountain to get these two together, and we’re thankful they did.” 
-No Depression
“A highly-effective blend of these two spheres… only rarely have we heard a prominent Jewish counterpoint to the gospel music that has been a part of bluegrass since Bill Monroe’s earliest recordings.”
-Bluegrass Today

Nefesh Mountain are the pioneers of a new sound where Jewish Spirit and Soul meet with Bluegrass and Old-time musical traditions. Founders, husband and wife team Eric Lindberg and Doni Zasloff, blend their love for both of these rich traditions and have created new genre that marries these two seemingly disparate worlds. Since the recent release of their Debut album with bluegrass greats Sam BushMark SchatzScott VestalRob Ickes, and Gary Oleyar, they are winning the hearts of audiences nationwide.

“There is common ground here,” says Lindberg“for centuries Bluegrass and Old Time music have been embracing the Old Testament, and through the years have created a powerful vehicle for spirituality and expression.” The origin of Bluegrass music itselfbegan as a melting pot, fusing African instruments and sensibilities, with that of Western Europe and the Scotch/Irish traditions.

Zasloff adds, “Today, Bluegrass music is an outlet for so many cultures and their own traditions to come through. I can fall in love and connect with Chinese, African American, or Irish cultures though the music. Likewise, as Jewish Americans, we want to share our background with the world through the art of Bluegrass.” 

Nefesh” is a hebrew word which loosely translates as the soul or animating spirt of all living things. The Mountain is a cross-cultural symbol used widely in Jewish text as well as in Bluegrass and Old-Time musical forms. “We’ve found that another commonality is that both traditions unapologetically celebrate and honor our natural world.” says Zasloff. 

Recorded in Nashville TN at The Sound Emporium with Bluegrass greats Sam Bush, Scott Vestal, Mark Schatz, Rob Ickes, and Gary Oleyar. The album features thirteen tracks of brand new Jewish American material, rich with original lyrics and songs, musical improvisation, and through composed instrumentals. 

On the making of the record, Lindberg says “It was a privilege and honor to include these bluegrass greats — who are our personal heroes — in this project which is so dear to our hearts.” 

“The studio was magical,” says Zasloff“Playing these Jewish songs and bringing forth their universal themes in collaboration with these outstanding musicians of different backgrounds, was true evidence that Bluegrass music can be a great equalizer in our lives.”

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